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Double Screen Compo 2013 - Rules

Graphic artists

Theme is ‘water’ in a wide range of definition:
Maybe as part of a landscape, something surreal, raindrops, animals swimming in a river, arrangements with geometric bodies, a person drinking something, a liquid sculpture, a deep sea motive,...

Water doesn’t need to be the only subject but should be part of picture front and shown in pure liquid state.

You can use any graphic mode you like, but please note the used format with your entry. In case of a custom format (eg mixing up FLI with custom sprites), please add a short description.

Wired stuff and compositions are allowed, but you have to accept that all originals will be shown to public with your entry, including an 1:1 check as animated gif. You are asked to provide any originals along with your entry submission.

Each entry must be executable with a mere RUN after load. The overall size of the gfx has to be “two screens”, in whatever arrangement. Scrolling is desired. Interlace does not count etc. You get the idea.




This competition is for graphic artists but it is also some kind of ‘mini-demo-contest’.
Feel free to play with the idea of using a two screen size gfx. Add effects, create an graphics editor, do interactive stuff.

Minimum requirement is a picture scroller. So please include an option to disable all effects, animations and music (eg using space bar). Viewers should be able to watch the picture without diversity.


Please send your entry to following email address.

veto [@] c64pixels.spamsuxx.com

And - please - do not submit your entry to csdb before deadline.
All pictures are shown on Artcity and this website during the compo.
The d64-files will be released right after deadline.

Voting and prizes

Like the first Double Screen Compo the best graphic will be chosen by email votes.
More details will follow after deadline.

The winner will get a personal lasered glass trophy (check out the photo).

For coders there is an award for ‘most interesting approach’ selected by the c64pixels staff plus one guest juror. Which means this price is not just connected to technical excellence. Great design ideas might be a reason, something really useful or whatever innovative. Remember that online charmode editor by Digger he created for his entry the last DSC :)

Prize is also a lasered glass trophy.

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